Glenthorne Capitalís Advisory Services

Growth Strategy Consulting

Glenthorne Capital provides consulting services to assist clients who seek to grow their business through the strategic acquisition of other companies, divisions or product lines. We provide companies with guidance in defining their growth opportunities, assessing the adequacy of their capital resources and performing industry research to help identify opportunities for acquisitions. When suitable acquisition candidates are identified Glenthorne Capital acts as the representative for the acquiring company to initiate and lead the discussions regarding the benefits and opportunities of consolidation.

Assistance in Obtaining Growth Capital

Glenthorne Capital is often asked to identify and contact numerous sources of funds to support an acquisition growth strategy. We provide assistance in negotiating with financing sources to obtain an optimal mix of capital including senior debt, mezzanine debt and equity, as well as obtaining the most favorable terms and conditions for the various segments.

Sales of Closely Held Businesses and Corporate Divestitures

Glenthorne Capitalís broad experience with numerous industries allows us to identify appropriate potential buyers to successfully complete a transaction. Glenthorne Capital provides valuation services for businesses or divisions as a part of our search for the most appropriate acquirer.

Recapitalization Assignments

Glenthorne Capital provides financial advisory services to support management buyouts and other complex ownership transfers. As a part of these assignments we provide clients with related business valuation services, guidance on proposed capital structures, tax strategy considerations and general management consulting.

Merchant Banking Projects Ė Non-Fund Deal Sponsors

Glenthorne Capital represents management groups looking to do a buy in or buy out of a mid-market firm. We locate appropriate financial partners and assist in all phases of the acquisition process. Additionally, we will develop the growth strategy for the business and locate any management resources necessary to complete the deal. We will invest in the target and provide ongoing strategic advice for the firm and its board.